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Established in 1972, Child & Family Resources (CFR) is an organization that creates and delivers programs and services for the community that support the development of children and strengthen families. More than a quarter century of caring about children and families in New Jersey has enabled the organization to serve as the catalyst for partnerships between families, local businesses and their communities. For more information, call 1-877-CFR-4116 or 973-398-1730 .

Over the past 35 years, Child & Family Resources has served hundreds of thousands of families. CFR has brought millions of dollars in child care quality improvement initiatives, professional development training for educators, creation of additional child care programs, family child care provider registration, parenting education, and financial assistance for income-eligible families to New Jersey communities. The Child & Family Resources' staff have been a mainstay in our community providing parents with information about available child care options, quality indicators to look for, and factors to consider when choosing a child care arrangement for their children.

Child & Family Resources is nationally recognized for the capacity to develop, implement, and manage pilot initiatives to improve the quality of services provided by community-based child care programs. It also serves as the state’s child care resource and referral organization for Morris County.

Core services include:

Child Care Resource & Referral (R&R): We engage and partner with parents, child care professionals and the community to ensure that all families have access to a nurturing, motivating and inspiring early care and education system for their children ages birth through 13 years. Child & Family Resources offers a multitude of R&R programs and services including the following:

  • Services for Parents
    • Child Care Referrals for Parents
    • Consumer Education: Selecting a quality program for your child and family
    • Financial Assistance for eligible families
    • Access to community resources for children of varying abilities
    • Working with your Child Care Program or school
    • Parenting for the 21st Century: Workshops that support parent caregiving skills
    • Certified Parent Coach 
  • Services for Child Care Programs & Providers
    • Family Child Care Provider Registration and Support
    • Technical Assistance for Child Care Programs
    • Child Care Health Consultation
    • Quality Early Care & Learning Initiative
  • Services for the Community
    • Advocacy and Public Engagement in issues critical for children and families
    • Infection Control Study in Child Care Settings
    • Speakers Bureau
    • Community Planning for children and families

Violence & Abuse Prevention: Prevention of violence against children, youth, and adults begins with each of us as adults, parents, caregivers, and teachers. Child & Family Resources offers a range of programs and services to reduce violence in the lives of children, including:

  • ACT—Adults & Children Together—Against Violence: translated research findings on early childhood development, brain development, violence and aggression, and prevention science into a coordinated intervention to prevent the development of violent behavior---which is largely learned early in life. Our community saturation model is available in:
    • Morris County
    • New Jersey: Somerset, Middlesex, Monmouth, Mercer, Sussex, Warren, Hunterdon
    • Youth ACT Mentoring Initiative: (In development)
    • Diaper Bank: “Who Needs A Change? We do, we do.”” Vulnerable children, the disabled, and the elderly suffer physical and emotional distress when financial resources prevent the purchase of enough diapers. The Diaper Bank at Child & Family Resources will provide diapers for vulnerable populations in our community.
    • Partnering with Parents: Preventing Abuse & Neglect This train-the-trainer program is designed to strengthen the child care community’s ability to reduce the risk of child abuse and neglect among the families served. Very young children (infants and toddlers) are disproportionately represented among the victims of abuse and neglect and are more likely to suffer serious injury or fatality from abuse or neglect.
    • Media Literacy: Under the influence Prolonged exposure to violence in the media affects behaviors including violence, sexuality, self-image, peer relationships, relationships with adults. Learn skills to help children assess and evaluate the media messages.

Professional Development: Recent research clearly documents that early childhood teaching is complex and demands specific skills—clearly not babysitting! No matter how quality manifests itself, it is inextricably linked to caregiver training and education. The more training, both formal and specialized education caregivers have, the more skilled they are at helping young children thrive and achieve their potential. A partial list of available training opportunities include:

  • Child Development Associates Certification: CDA
  • Social & Emotional Development of Children
  • Partnering with Parents
  • School Readiness: A Developmental Perspective
  • Director’s Leadership Institute
  • Curriculum Development and Implementation
  • Annual Conference
  • National Child Care Center Accreditation Support Groups
  • Color Me Healthy: Nutrition and Physical Activity Curriculum for pre-school children (in development)




CFR is committed to supporting the development of children, by delivering high quality, responsive, and dynamic professional development to enhance the lifelong learning of families, child care professionals and the community.

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