Nutrition and Physical Activity Self Assessment for Child Care

NAP SACC improves nutrition and physical activity environments in childcare.  One quarter of children ages 2-5 are overweight or obese and three quarters of children ages 3-6 years are in daycare.  These children eat up to three meals and snacks per day and experience most of their daily physical activity in daycare settings.  NAP SACC targets nutrition and physical activity policy in child care settings by targeting the:

• nutritional quality of food served,

• amount and quality of physical activity,

• staff-child interactions, and

• facility nutrition and physical activity policies and practices.

Research proves NAP SACC’s success: NAP SACC was studied in a randomized controlled trial involving 82 total centers (56 received NAP SACC and 26 served as the comparison group). Child care centers completing most or all of the NAP SACC components improved their nutrition and physical activity policies and practices more than control facilities.

Key steps of NAP SACC include:

1. Self-assessment: Identify strengths and needs for improvement re: healthy eating

practices and regular physical activity.

2. Goal Setting and Action Planning: Set goals for change.

3. Continuing Education for Child Care Providers: Increase staff confidence to make healthy changes through skill building activities.

4. Technical Assistance and Consultation: Link facilities to resources to provide assistance.

5. Follow-up and Reinforcement: Check-in with facilities to assess progress and develop plans for continuous positive changes.

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