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EVENT: The Program for Infant/Toddler Care - NJ First Steps - Tuesday, April 17-May 15, 2018

Tuesday, April 17-May 15, 2018 The Program for Infant/Toddler Care - NJ First Steps
  • We Are All Temperamental! -We each have our own temperament and respond to others, including children, based on our own ways of being in the world. Learn to identify the nine traits of temperament and explore ways to adapt your approaches to work with all children including those who are flexible, fearful, and feisty.
  • Discovery Zone-Child care environments must be safe, but do you know the seven other features a quality program must have in the design? Come prepared to examine the necessities from floor to ceiling and practice infant/toddler room design with your peers.
  • Me,Me,Mine Mine-Participants will gain an understanding of establishing a relationship of trust with a child, preventing discipline problems in advance, and using guidance strategies appropriate to the child’s developmental stage.
  • Emotional DevelopmentDo you spend your days saying “No!” and “Don’t!” to the infants and toddlers in your care/. Understanding their emotional needs and learning how to meet them is required of providers who work with these busy babies under three years old. Learn ways to support appropriate behaviors through capable care and recognizing and meeting their growing social emotional demands.
  • Partnering With Families-Parents who are involved in their child’s care program are more likely to perceive their care provider as partners in the rearing of their child. Participants examine their own attitudes toward parent involvement, share their experiences and consider innovative strategies for including families in child care setting with the ultimate goal being how it will improve the quality of care for the infants and toddlers.
    Location: Richard F. Blake Children's Center
    Cedar Knolls
    Date: Tuesday, April 17-May 15, 2018 Cost: $FREE
    Time: 6:00pm-9:00pm To Register: CLICK HERE
    Contact: Carmela McCleary  
    Phone: 973-770-5823  
    Presenter: Carmela McCleary, Quality Improvement Specialist


    The Program for Infant/Toddler Care - NJ First Steps - Tuesday, April 17-May 15, 2018


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